You are stars and role models for any service business and I hope you will put this recommendation on your website. Grateful thanks.
— John Bittleston, Founder Mentor and Executive Chairman, Terrific Mentors

Responsive, reliable and highly professional, trust is key in my need for administrative assistance and I have trusted Cream Counsel with my business for more than 4 years now - perhaps longer than the staff turnover rate for most administrative staff
— Girija Pande, Chairman of Apex Avalon Consulting & Awardee of Best CEO award by Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) in 2010

"I just want to say that if you ever need a testimonial, it would be my pleasure. You and your staff are Awesome! Thank you for all that you gals do."

Chris Milliken



I hope you are ready for your business to go bang!  I am just so happy with both your support and so thankful for Chris’s recommendation initially!  You really have a good thing conquered!  Well done!

Danielle Warner
Expat Insurance


I don’t think I need to test Cream Counsel anymore, thank you very much. I have made up my mind! I want in! Sign me up for a year and get me on full access please
— Jacob Petersen, Senior Director

Thank you for being so resourceful, accommodating and swift to assist with all my last-minute, urgent requests! What a brilliant service you offer!

Liah Ahmad
Marketing Director
Tellurian Investments


Thank you so much.  I don’t know how I would keep on top of everything without you.  I know I only manage because you are behind me catching all the balls that I drop.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Jennifer Fox
Africasia Capital


Highly skilled, productive, intelligent, well-resourced professionals who constantly exceed the level of expectation of their clients. Over the past year we have engaged the services of Cream Counsel to assist us (in Australia) with a wide range of requests. They respond to every request in lightning speed producing a detailed analysis report each time. I highly recommend their services - they are reliable, well informed, polished professionals and I doubt you would find a close competitor
— Karen Tibb, Director, ArtRooms Australia
Our dedicated Executive Assistant has been our right arm. In fact, also our left arm ....and let’s throw some legs in there too!! She is amazing, efficient, jolly, always so positive and so diligent. We will miss her terribly when she leaves. We know you run a super-efficient company so we have every faith that you have chosen a successor who will be just as efficient as her! Thank you!
— Jackie and Ned Phillips, Founder and CEO of Bambu