Struggling for time? 3 small habits (and non-habits) that are stunting you.

Get productive through better delegation

Why am I still so busy? How do I make this VA arrangement work more effectively for me? These are questions we often get from clients who have outsourced a little, but not enough. So what are the main challenges preventing you from overcoming busyness through better delegation and automation?

1) The 5-minute trap: Ever had the thought: 'it will just take me 5 minutes so I might as well do it myself?'. Some reasons why this is not helping you:

- The little task overwhelm: Recent research shows that the attentional cost of receiving a cell phone notification alone hurts productivity and performance. So when many 5 minute tasks add up, it's no wonder we're all tipping over our sanity scales when we add the cognitive load of multiple tasks on our minds to the total actual time taken. 

- How many simple 5 minute tasks actually took longer? E.g. you call your airline to make a flight change and have to deal with IVRs and incompetent customer service. Or you need to organise a courier, and now there are way bills to fill and commercial invoices to complete...

2) The 'I can do it better' mindset: We're with David Allen - flexibility trumps perfection - especially when businesses now have to move quicker than ever before. Move quickly through teamwork and delegation, or stall in the slowness of the unending pursuit of perfection.  

3) Shortsighted time management: With so many things to do, it's easy to get swept into a whirlwind of activity without stopping to consider the long-term significance of the projects we're engaged in. Every so often we should take the time to introduce systems that create and multiply future time.

Just collected 30 name cards from a networking event? Sure, you can CamCard the cards yourself. But how long does taking 30 pictures take (multiplied by the number of events you attend every month)? And then checking the results to ensure CamCard has transcribed key details accurately? And then perhaps you would like to upload certain name cards to a mailing list, another lot to a CRM, and connect with a few on LinkedIn? Alternatively, dump the name cards in an envelope which your assistant arranges to collect and sort out. Now think of what other areas you can carve out in current process flows to introduce such a system to automate your operation?

What is your relationship with trust?
What is your relationship with perfection?

How is the way you act a reflection of how you truly value your time and its potentiality?

Rather than downloading a new app to enhance the productivity machine within yourself, is there a better way to approach what you do to make a significant impact on how you work? Contact us to see how we can help.