5 super-tasking tools

task and to do list management.jpg

You've got lots on your plate. How do you get the chaos under control? While we don't like to over complicate things with an app or tool for every function, here are 5 we often use with our clients to help them manage office mayhem. 

Call Answering
For clients who use our Call Answering service and get a significant call volume (e.g. more than 3 calls per day), Call Please is a cloud-based call log that neatly categorises calls (e.g. Newly Received / Urgent / Completed) and also allows you to assign calls to team members.  There's a small fee of $60 / user / year but we figure the time saved in efficient call management is well worth it.  

Individual To-Do List Management
We like todoist for individual to do lists. Start a shopping list for the next grocery supply run. Jot down movie or series titles of must-watch mentions by friends. And of course, keep on top of your work tasks with reminders you can set on a recurring basis and assign to your Executive Assistant or team member. 

Project Management
The first few months of getting signing up for one of our ad hoc plans usually involves a slew of this-and-that Requests. So you have a view of in-progress and complete tasks, and also so you can have continued communications (along with visuals and attachments) about a specific Requests neatly organised by topic, Trello is a great free project management management tool.

Team Communications
There's a lot of internal office communications sent via email that doesn't need to clutter your inbox. For teams of 4 or more, Slack is a simple communication tool that allows you to chat in channels. Which is awesome when you need to track anything later!

There's lots that Google automatically pulls into your calendar when it receives email confirmations of flights and hotels, but if you have more complicated itineraries and an assistant to organise all for you, Tripit will do it!