Delegate like a doctor


A client of ours used to draw a parallel between his outsourcing endeavour and how doctors work. I thought it a brilliant analogy:

A doctor's time is valuable. And every aspect of his set-up respects this. From the moment you call to make an appointment, register, have any initial measurements taken (e.g. your weight), to the follow-up dispensing of pills and instructions on how to take them, then making payment. The doctor sees you only for what precious time necessitates.

It is interesting that most businessmen and entrepreneurs don't similarly respect their time this way, even though it may be similarly valuable. They dabble with their monthly expense receipts, putting name cards into their systems, dealing with paperwork and forms, arranging and re-arranging appointments...after all, don't most of these activities  just take a few minutes? It is therefore no surprise that the overwhelm of too much to do, exhaustion, inefficiency and inefficacy eventually sets in.

When an expecting mother delivers, her gynecologist typically only appears in the 5 critical minutes of the actual birthing process. A midwife takes her through the labour, and all after when the doctor disappears. It's a great example of how can can emulate your set-up and start delegating like a doctor to start experiencing real productivity gains.