Outsourcing and the dishwasher

When I talk to people about what we do, I often get the question - if the tasks are so simple and quick, why don't I just handle them myself? I believe this mindset presents a productivity block in people who find outsourcing a challenge. 

It's a question that also comes to mind every time I start loading dishes into the dishwasher. 

Dishwashers aren't an essential kitchen appliance in Singapore. My first thought when approached with the idea of their function was - since I still have to pre-rinse them, why don't I just wash the entire dish myself?

After I started using dishwashers, I now think - how could I have ever lived without this? They make all the difference if you have to wash dishes yourself. Especially after parties. Yes, you still have to do some of the prep work, but the time saved in two subsequent steps (thoroughly cleaning the dishes, then drying), multiplied by the number of dishes, again multiplied by the number of times you wash the dishes in a week, becomes significant. 

So returning to the question of "if it's so simple, why don't I do it myself"? The answer, in my opinion, is now as clear as day.

To lead a productive life and business, it's key to identify the simple tasks you can strip away from your everyday routine. Then automate these. You save lots, and do more, in the long-run.